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Getting arrested can be a frightening experience. We make visits to the jail and can meet with you there and help you to get out on bail. Once you are released, The Kent Law Firm, APC can go over your case and discuss a strategy for how to get the charges dropped or reduced along with how to prove your innocence. Per the United States constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty but whether or not the judge or jury finds you to be innocent is often based on how strong your legal defense is. As an experienced criminal attorney, we have encountered cases where innocent people were convicted simply because the evidence that could prove their innocence was not presented properly or allowed into the trial. This is why you should never try to represent yourself. One small mistake can negatively influence where you spend the next several years or the rest of your life.

Building a Defense

During your initial consultation, The Kent Law Firm, APC will ask you a variety of questions in order to learn everything we can about the case. It is important that you share what happened leading up to the arrest, where you were when the incident took place, any witnesses that can confirm your whereabouts, and anyone that you think may be responsible for the crime. The more information we have, the better equipped we will be to build your defense. Don’t leave anything out because the smallest detail may serve to prove your case.

After our initial discussion, we will start to interview witnesses and collect evidence that can confirm your story. It is important that everything is presented in a way that is clear and concise and that witnesses are prepared to testify. Their performance and ability to answer questions will determine how credible the judge and jury find them to be. This makes it important to have every witness prepared and as a criminal attorney we take the time to do so.

DUI Charges

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, this is a criminal charge. Do not make the mistake of treating it like a speeding ticket. If you are convicted of drunk driving, it will go on your criminal record and may create problems with your employer, your ability to rent an apartment, and even your custody situation. A criminal conviction can follow you around for years and negatively impact your life. Whether this is your first charge or you have a prior conviction, you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side. If you live in the Southern California area and are facing DUI charges, give us a call for a consultation.

Drug Offenses

If you have been charged with a drug crime it is important to hire an experienced criminal attorney that understands how to navigate the local court system and the California laws surrounding drug possession, delivery, and transportation. The Kent Law Firm, APC is experienced in handling drug cases and will look to see if an illegal search was performed when you were arrested. If so, this may be grounds for dismissing your case as the evidence would be inadmissible in court. This is one of the several ways that your case can be argued. If you are in the Southern California area, The Kent Law Firm, APC has the tools necessary to provide a strong legal defense so that you can avoid a conviction.

Were you part of a crime but not the main perpetrator?

If you participated in criminal activity, or are accused of doing so, but were not the main perpetrator, make sure that you hire your own attorney. You cannot count on your friends or associates to stand with you, but you can count on your attorney to provide a strong legal defense in order to protect your rights and your interest. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the prosecutor is only after the large conviction. They may aggressively pursue you and inflate your involvement in the incident before the judge and jury. When you work with The Kent Law Firm, APC you are guaranteed a dependable legal defense. We will work hard to build and present your case in order to create enough reasonable doubt that the jury won’t feel confident enough to issue a conviction.


If you or your company has been charged with a crime, you need a criminal attorney that can represent you and help you to avoid the consequences that come from a conviction. The Kent Law Firm, APC is experienced in representing companies and corporate officers throughout the Southern California area and can ensure that you receive the best possible legal defense.

Can you help keep me out of jail?

If you live in the  Southern California area, there are options that may be available to you aside from going to jail. When you are initially arrested, we can help to ensure that your bail is processed so that you can live at home while awaiting your trial. This way you can stay comfortable and spend time with family and friends. It also makes it easier to prepare for court.

If you are found guilty, we may be able to negotiate for an alternative to jail. This depends on the type of crime you were convicted of and the judge’s ruling. Some alternatives include going to rehab and serving time under house arrest.

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